Summertime Quilt Retreat: What’s It Like?

When I signed up for Susan Carlson’s retreat, I got so much more than demonstrations of her skill. She encouraged me to tackle a challenging project, a portrait of our beloved granddaughter, Emily.

Susan Carlson Quilts

This week’s blog is guest-written by my husband, Tom Allen. You’ll understand why when you start to read it. — Susan.


What’s it like to take a class with Susan?

It’s clear to me, her husband, that Susan’s influence extends far beyond the classroom. Her books and her online presence, including this space, have introduced her method of fabric collage to quilters around the world. But as diligent as she’s tried to be in conveying her techniques and thought processes in these media, nothing substitutes for the experience of sitting in her class.

Being able to ask her questions, having her give feedback on your progress, benefitting from strategies she individualizes to the challenges you are facing with your particular project, coaching and encouraging you through difficult stages—these are all things that books and the internet can’t do (yet!).

Last week, Susan hosted a retreat at the Harpswell Inn, here in our hometown in Maine…

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One response to “Summertime Quilt Retreat: What’s It Like?

  1. Jerri, After reading Tom’s post on Susan Carlson’s blog, I enjoyed reading your blog about the retreat experience. What a great time you must have had! And I’m giving serious thought to giving myself such a gift. Good luck on all your quilting ventures.
    Martha Ginn

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